Free your money and pay no bond

Looking to lease an apartment, house or a commercial property?
BondFree allows you to secure the property without the need of a security deposit.
Why tie up your funds when they can be better utilised elsewhere? For a one-off small fee we will support you in securing the property, without the need of paying a bond.

How does BondFree work?

Bondfree is a bond deferment service, it is a hassle free way to secure a rental property without the need of a cash rental bond or security. If you are of good character and have a good credit and rental history, then BondFree will stand by you. You will only be required to pay an amount up to the value of the deferred bond if a tenancy breach occurs. **Applying is simple, apply here or just speak with your accredited BondFree real estate agent or property manager to find out how to submit an application.

Pay Once and Move On

As BondFree is a one-off payment, once your tenancy ends, you can just move on quickly without the stress of chasing or waiting for the return of your bond. Another benefit is that your landlord will be more diligent in making any claims against you due to the fact that they are not withholding your money.

Free your existing cash bond by using BondFree

If you are an existing tenant and have already paid a cash bond, apply here or speak with your BondFree agent on how to unlock your cash bond and release it back to you (subject to application approval).

How much does it cost?

BondFree charges a one-off non-refundable fee of 14.50% of the total rental bond value*. This means that your money doesn’t have to be tied up for the entire duration of the tenancy agreement and can be utilised better elsewhere, giving you the choice and freedom to make smarter decisions with your money.

A one-off account establishment fee of $69 is included in your 14.50% rental bond value payment, this administration cost is associated with establishing, processing and verifying your account.

If your BondFree application is unsuccessful, you will only be charged for the one-off account establishment fee of $69.


How do I apply for BondFree?

Applying is easy. Simply apply here or contact your accredited BondFree real estate agent or property manager and advise them that you would like to use BondFree to secure your rental property. They will fill out a BondFree online application form and submit it on your behalf.

As part of every BondFree application, all applicants are required to read and accept the full terms and conditions before submitting an application with BondFree. The application form includes your personal details, ID check and property details, plus payment of the one-off application fee of $69, and if approved, 14.50% of the total rental bond value*. If your application is successful, your agent or property manager will confirm your acceptance and you’re ready to go!

What if I'm a non-resident or company, can I still apply with BondFree?

Yes. You can still apply with the support of a local sponsor. Speak with your accredited BondFree agent or property manager to find out more

What are my obligations?

BondFree is not an insurance product but a bond deferment service. You are still obligated under the tenancy agreement to the landlord for any outstanding rent or damage to the property, if an incident was to arise. Your accredited BondFree agent or property manager can explain your legal obligations in further detail as outlined in the tenancy agreement.

How long does it take to get approved?

You or your accredited BondFree real estate agent or property manager will complete the online BondFree application form with your one-off payment and submit it instantly. Our processing team will establish, review and verify your application immediately and we aim to notify you and your agent or property manager of the outcome within 1 business day.

What happens if I have a dispute with the landlord?

BondFree is fair to all parties, we do not involve ourselves in the dispute resolution process. Generally, disputes between tenants and landlords are resolved privately by agreement or legally via mediation, court or tribunals. In all cases, we await the final outcome and anticipate that both parties will abide with the end result. In the event you, as the tenant, fail to abide with the agreement/order, BondFree will then seek to have them enforced - and we will work with you to achieve a suitable outcome.

Is BondFree legal?

Yes. BondFree conforms with all the government legislation. Our legal team will be happy to assist you with any enquiries. Email your enquiry to

How is my personal information collected by BondFree?

BondFree’s privacy policies apply to all personal information you provide to us as part of your BondFree application. Our privacy policy will be available at the time of application with your accredited BondFree agency or property manager.

Want to know more about BondFree?

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please click 'Contact Us' below and submit your enquiry.

** Generally a breach occurs when a tenant defaults on an order of the Court or Tribunal. Refer to our terms and conditions on application.