New Agents

Establish a new income stream

With BondFree, you can now earn an additional income from every approved application. As you know, the collection of rental bonds is generally a non-income producing area for agencies and property managers. With BondFree you can now generate income from every successful application. As an accredited BondFree agent or property manager, you will earn a commission from every approved application submitted to us, maximising the return of your time and effort.

Increase the value of your agency

Add value to your agency with the additional income generated from BondFree. BondFree gives you the ability to improve the profitability and maximise the income of your rent roll. All this additional growth and income potential from the work you’re currently performing for free.

Greater efficiency

BondFree is simple and hassle free and helps you streamline the rental application process by the elimination of the rental bond payment procedure. BondFree is paperless and an application can be completed online within minutes. You will have your own account and online login details setup with us and you can manage the status of every application and claim in one easy-to-use portal.

Minimise uncertainty & high risk tenants

BondFree will give you the assurance of a comprehensive screening process on every applicant. Our approval procedures are thorough and strict, minimising uncertainty of high risk tenants. Our aim conforms to the aim of the landlord; we want tenants of good character with an established credit and tenancy history. Our decision to approve or decline an applicant will greatly assist you with your selection of tenants.

Benefits to the landlord

We ensure the best quality tenant for their property through enhanced screening. Our real time dynamic credit reporting encourages and rewards responsible tenants. Landlord still has the full protection and benefits of the tenancy agreement plus the tenant’s pre-authorisation of the full bond value in the event of tenancy breach.