BondFree shares your aims, we want higher calibre and better qualified tenants to minimise our risk and protect your asset. Better tenant selection upfront ensures a greater and more reliable rental cash flow in the long term. Make the right choices now with BondFree.

Commercial Retail Residential

Our global strength and know how ensures we are able to protect all property classes.


Same day assessment of applicants ensures your property is rented faster.

We pay your approved claims within 48hours.


At all times, the full bond amount is legally secured from the tenant on your behalf, ensuring rapid payment of your approved claims.

Quality assured

We effectively and efficiently pre screen prospected tenants to ensure only the highest caliber tenants are offered for your property.

Protect yourself

We enable more informed decision with our economic and consumer credit insights of every prospected tenant/applicant, giving you the right tools to make the right decision.

Extra peace of mind

Your property is protected with BondFree’s dynamic, real time, credit reporting that encourages your tenants to act responsibly during the term of the tenancy.

Additionally you still have the full protection and benefits of both, the tenancy lease agreement and BondFree’s terms and conditions.

Free Benefits

All these benefits are at no cost to you, agency fees and commissions are paid only by the tenants and BondFree.


BondFree conforms with all government legislation. Our legal team will be happy to assist you with any enquiries. Email your enquiry to